Notes on shelf.so

Created: June 6, 2021

I've been streaming one of my sessions testing shelf.so

Writing this blog post while I'm also testing the tool.

You can check the video here. [make sure you add the video link]

This is a tool you can use to send resources from mobile using Shelf’s Telegram Bot 🤖

Lex Fridman says this:

“Shelf is the best tool I have found to save, organize and annotate all of the podcasts, blogposts, videos and other resources I consume.”

Lex Fridman, AI Researcher @MIT ::::::

The guy who made it possible 👋 louis@shelf.so

My Approach

I am trying to replicate some of the content that's on my website right now. I am a content nerd, and always looking for new apps & tools I can use to save stuff I've managed to dig up. Also to ease up my content intake.

My ideal space would be something functional, easy to access/use but also fast in terms of information transfer.

I do not want to do things aimlessly, although sometimes this is how you can stumble upon great deals!


At the time I was making this video, the was no browser extension available for shelf.so

This was launched on ProductHunt today, June 13, 2021.

These are almost stream-of-consciousness notes I took while streaming my testing session. I suppose the man who built this piece is already aware of some of the missing functionalities I am outlining here. I'm simply testing these out! You should take those with a grain of salt. I also want to highlight that I have already "installed" the Telegram bot on my smartphone. I sent out a few links here and there and this is why my Shelf was not completely empty. What I am doing on this stream is trying to create a structure so that I can save up future information with ease.

  • from what I can see, this works best if you want to save links while browsing the internet through your smartphone /// your Link → Send to Telegram → add to Shelf
  • I would probably need to install Telegram on the desktop to make this work on a computer as well
  • would like the ability to bookmark stuff straight from the browser, same as the Notion Web Clipper/Evernote/Google Keep etc
  • I would also enjoy having a hamburger icon or something like that if I want to quickly delete one piece of content
  • would also like the ability to save plain text
  • drag and drop on the main page
  • ok so there's no ability to save quotes (dooh); I need to limit myself to saving tweets only for now
  • this is a bit meta, but I would like to have the ability to see the icon of the specific link/website I have saved; Inside the Tools bucket that I created, it can be really nice to have an "app type of vibe" - where you can go there and access any link faster because you can better identify the app visually
  • would be nice to have a showcase page, having people sharing their shelves; I suppose this comes in as you get more users.
  • icon customization would be nice, but keep it simple at first - I would add the option to change the color of your icons first
  • ability to rename your shelves
  • I also noticed that if I delete a space, shelf sends me to the login screen and I have to login again
  • would also like the ability to define a space

My Overall Take

I have only explored this for 1 hour. Again, take my notes with a grain of salt. I got really attracted by the aesthetics of this tool. I suppose its functionalities will gradually improve. I do not know how many people are working on this, so there's still time to grow.

For now, I don't feel like this can be a suitable replacement for my Notion Web Clipper.

What I can do to make this useful is to use it strictly to save links from my phone. I can collect these and place them in various-themed shelves and then review the shelves later. It can be useful for my newsletter. Having a designated place to go each week and pick the most interesting links I have found and share them with my community.

Here's a link to my tiny shelf.

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