The language of aliens

The language of aliens

I remember watching the movie Arrival. If aliens were to come to Earth, how would you communicate? That's the essence of it. Nothing fancy, but still mesmerizing. People on Earth chose to replicate their symbols, a tricky thing to do, as those were packed with unlimited meaning. And yes, I am being dramatic.


The Aliens were thus slightly above the curve, as they managed to compress meaning into symbols that are sufficiently independent.

Although we cannot yet replicate what the outer space creatures did in the movie, one first step in our endeavor is to create symbols for the patterns we already see as repetitive not only in our daily life but on a broader scale as well. If you have achieved the ability to predict with a high accuracy rate, you can start compressing meaning into small bits and scraps of code and label each code as a particular sub-set of events.

History recurrence shows that we need about 4-5 generations to go through their lifecycle before the last one will encounter events similar in flavor.

If you assign a symbol for something that we humans consider basic, such as the sunrise, you will get a constant, repetitive code block running throughout Earth's history, as the Sun is older than the Earth.

We, as a society, have created local symbols to describe us, the agents. The names we gave to ourselves and we have been constantly using by activating the proper neurons using the new incoming sensory inputs we received from exploring the world on all sorts of different levels - the same names made us, the agents, self-aware.

And self-awareness might be simply a natural result coming from our continuous process of time-space interaction and intelligence compression.