JRE Studio Killing His Podcast

JRE Studio Killing His Podcast


Created: 2020-10-12 ・ Updated: As of 2021-08-27, Joe has moved into a new studio. This was first featured in episode #1632 w/Tom Segura.

I am going to keep this one short and sweet.

Joe Rogan, the biggest podcaster in the world as of September 2020, has signed an exclusive deal with Spotify and The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast will vanish from all other platforms.

Apart from moving his podcast, Joe also moved to Texas. This means that his well-known crazy podcast studio will go there with him as well.

Joe Rogan's Studio as of September 2020
Joe Rogan's Studio as of September 2020

For myself, the old studio had a cozy vibe. It combined manliness with awesome visuals and weird stuff lying around, from 500 old samurai swords and blends of magic plants to weird statues and paintings and all sorts of contraptions.

Last night I started watching the first Joe Rogan Experience episode delivered in this new studio. I was disappointed. I couldn’t do it. It felt like I was in a Zoom call with a weird spaceship-like background going on screen. Claustrophobic. I also commented on how Elon Musk finally sent people in a capsule to Mars. The comments section was filled with all sorts of jokes and feedback that are related to the new studio. I collected a few of them below:

Joe smoked so much DMT that he actually got abducted.
Feels like such a tight space… gives me anxiety.
I don’t like that I can’t see the table.
The old studio had soul.
I like this studio. Reminds me of this place I used to get my lap dances.
In the single shots, they somehow look like they’re in front of a green screen.
In a nutshell: I don’t like the new studio and I won’t be paying for Spotify. Something is off and I hate it. And the comment section is 50% of the experience, so it’s a no from me.

The thing I noticed here is that yes, people are not generally fond of change. We all know it. For all of us normies out there, coming back home after a day’s work in a cubicle, the thought about cracking a cold one and watching the last episode of JRE on our second screen while also surfing the web at the same time was soothing, comforting. We did not have to pay full attention to it, and we could simply do our thing and let our mental apparatus and filtering system do the work.


The old studio had soul, yes. That was the place where Elon Musk puffed some grass without even inhaling, and Tesla stocks dropped the next day. The place where frogs were ingested and spit out harmless and elks were labeled as athletes with spears on their heads. The place where we heard mob stories, conspiracy theories, life dramas, comedies, political debates, mathematical theories, quantum mechanics, thoughts on the Multiverse, and much more. The place where his guests did some crazy stuff, took part in deep conversations, laughed, and cried. Joe is a smart guy. He will figure it out. But I cannot believe they could not see this one coming.

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