Practice digital reset

Practice digital reset

I am unsubscribing from everything.

Alright, I am going to try to make this one short and sweet.

I believe that choices reflect both our preferences and our behavior.

Your choice to watch a particular TV show or read a specific book or a YouTube video, a Netflix show, will probably change your behavior in a particular way, either you are talking about big changes or nano-changes, small changes.

The way you see the world is going to be a little different with each piece of content you add-in on a daily basis.

And this is a good thing. This is how you learn, this is how you evolve.

But sometimes this can make it hard to discover who you really are without the stuff you are ingesting every day.

And I do understand that who you are is a sum of micro-inputs.

You start receiving these inputs the day you are born.

And this theoretically only stops when you die.

You are allowing in essentially the world.

If you see a wounded small bird on the grass, your decision to intervene or not will change a tiny fraction of you.

In the same fashion, Your Netflix feed can tell me quite a lot about who you are. It is not a rule, but it does help.

I was reading this article in 2018 and there was a statement about Netflix have 30+ million different versions. As each feed is different.

If I am watching comedy TV shows on a weekend and Crime TV shows during the week, my feed will be a mix of Crime -Comedy.

And it is not that simple, as there are various kinds of Comedy and various kinds of Crime.

My preferences will get on the record, and I will get recommendations based on my initial choices. And these will, of course, evolve as I diversify my palette.

So here's my idea.

I do spend quite some time in the digital space.

And I believe that we all do. If you have a phone, with an internet connection, you are in this space as well. And I do appreciate the company.

And what I am trying right now is a digital reset.

And no, it is not a digital detox. I am not leaving the Internet. It is a reset.

So, what is a digital reset? How do I view it?

I view it as a clean digital slate.

My aim is to have a fresh YouTube feed.

A fresh email inbox.

And a fresh Netflix feed.

I am going to have a clean browsing history, no 'well-polished' targeted recommendations coming through my feed.

And, in theory, I will be 'free' to choose whatever I want to choose to consume.

And I know that I am still going to have to face the stuff that's trending and that Big Tech is going to try to shove that in my face.

And that if you really want to go philosophical on this one, start asking questions such as: Are you really free?

But if we go on this path, the discussion is kind of never-ending.

So I choose to do what I can with what I have. And I still believe that this is going to be a cool exercise.

I think that it depends on how deeply embedded some of the things you consume are within yourself.

So once you'll face a fresh feed and will and probably you won't want to click on anything, you will start searching for something you know interests you.

And then it is about reflecting whether or not you are really interested in that particular topic.

And by the way, this type of reset can work in your personal life as well.