Books as bite-sized tweets

Books as bite-sized tweets

I want to get back into reading fundamental books.

I know that it is a very hard problem because my brain had now been rewired and trained to spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and these other bite-sized pieces of content.

So what I did, I came on with this technique where I started treating books as throw-away blog posts or as bite-sized tweets or Facebook posts.

I now feel no obligation to finish any book.

If someone mentions a book to me, I buy it, mostly in an eBook format, a digital file in my knowledge repository.

I am reading summaries and snips from 10 or 20 books at a time.

The knowledge is up and interconnected, like a spider’s web pulsating through each tiny fiber.

I’m always flipping, skimming, adjusting, speeding things up, slowing them down, boiling to the teeth.

I’ll start a book in the middle or I’ll just read the end.

Maybe some paragraph caught my eye while I was flipping through the book while on a public library.

I feel no obligation to finish the book.

I treat books as light pieces of information that I can throw away back into the web.

It’s all about compression progress.