Tip: Expand your reach by adding social share buttons


It's not enough for your content to be compelling — it needs to be crazy easy to share too. Add social share buttons so that people can spread the love with a click.

Social share buttons lower the barrier for visitors to share your content, thus increasing your reach and traffic. They're great for articles, especially if you cherrypick and pre-populate key quotes like we do on our founder interviews, but they're also worth adding to landing pages, emails, etc. They can even be used as social proof by displaying a counter for the number of shares. When Child Mind Institute added social share buttons to their mobile site they increased total shares by 400% and saw a 2.5% boost in new users. If you're setting social share buttons up on your own, here's the documentation for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Alternatively, check out services like ShareThis or AddThis — the latter even dynamically displays whatever networks the visitor actually uses.

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