Add a todo list to your site to increase organic traffic.

If someone lands on your page from a search engine, the time they spend before clicking 'Back' is used as an indicator of your website's quality. That makes it a big opportunity for your SEO. Keep your visitors on-site by giving them goals.

Salil Sethi of saw a 100% increase in organic traffic within two weeks, in part by giving visitors tasks to complete. While giving people a todo list may seem unwise, Salil says people like checking off todos because they feel a sense of accomplishment. And the more time they spend checking off your tasks, the better it is for your domain authority. As an example, Salil put a todo list on an article that offered tips for video interviews. As you scroll, todos (like reading a given group of tips) are checked off automatically. Users were originally viewing 33% of the page, but after adding the todo list, they're scrolling to 80%. There's even a todo for signing up for his newsletter, though the jury's still out on whether that will increase signups.