Copy of Speed Consumption: Why Ali Abdaal is Preaching Speed in Productivity


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  • Speed Consumption, Ali Abdaal, Alex Becker, Video Games
  • Fast Content Consumption: Why Internet Productivity Gurus are Preaching Speed Consumption (Ali Abdaal, Alex Becker)

Why Ali Abdaal is Preaching Speed in Productivity

Speed Consumption: Why Ali Abdaal Does Everything Productively

Speed Consumption, Ali Abdaal, Speed Reading, Productivity

An Alternative View

This is an alternative view I have. Also, Ali might be simply trolling everyone. Do not take things too seriously.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the channel!

Today I want to discuss a quick view I have on how productivity works and I want to mix this up with talking about balancing productivity and not falling into an extreme situation.

And I want to do that by talking about Ali Abdaal.

I'll have time stamps for everything in the description, just to make sure you won't waste any time. But other than that let's get started.

Ali Abdaal is a popular YouTuber/doctor working in Cambridge who managed to get himself into the YouTube metagame from scratch with a lot of work, dedication, accuracy, and speed.

And he is now more popular than ever.

And this is not only because he manages to juggle multiple balls at the same time, like producing high-quality instructional YouTube videos on how to study more effectively and be more productive 3-4 times per week, having a blog, a newsletter, a podcast, a company, and also being a doctor.

But also because of his transparency in his live streams, interviews, and so on.

And sometimes I think he is a superhuman, just by looking at the ways he is producing content while also combining clarity and aesthetics.

And while people are generally enthusiastic about his ways and methods, in the past few weeks Ali produced a few videos that are related to the speed of his content consumption.

For example, you can oftentimes hear him talk about the way he listens to audiobooks by doubling the speed of narration.

And as a matter of fact: he created a full video on this as well called One Simple Habit that Changed My Life

Here's a quick snip of it.

Throughout his videos, he is also talking about why you should improve your typing speed and learn to use keyboard shortcuts when using the computer.

And by looking through the comments for the past videos that are related to again the speed of his content consumption, and the WHY behind listening to podcasts at 10x speed or watching a YouTube tutorial at 100x speed.

I generally saw a barrier and disagreement.

You have the camp filled with people who are not agreeing with methods like speed listening or speed reading.

And then you have the camp of productivity grease monkeys who are cheering up every time Ali releases a new video.

And as a matter of fact in one of his latest videos that is called How I Watch TV Productively the like to dislike ratio is pretty bad as I am currently making this video.

And again we have both camps in there as well:

I actually disagree with you on this one. Being productive is being productive, having fun is having fun.

Then we have people quoting Einstein who was kind of living a regular life and he was not very fond of the extremes.

Then adding Tesla into the equations - who was famous for sleeping something like 3-5 hours per night.

And I wanted to express my general view on this matter.

Alright so Ali Abdaal is generally looking for productive ways to do things, right?

That is an oversimplified version of what he is trying to convey.

He is not trying to push this into your life, he is simply expressing what ofttimes people are asking for through questions like "How can I be more productive?"

Now, about one of his latest videos where he is explaining how he watches TV productively using a chrome addon to increase speed - the first thing I want to say is that he is not actually talking about real TV-like news and late-night shows and stuff. But more about watching a TV series. It's actually more about watching Netflix Productively, I think that would have been a better clickbaity title.

So he is explaining how he started watching this series called Hunter X Hunter while also using a Chrome Addon to frequently increase the speed of the episode.

And then people jumped him in the comments section saying that again, this is not a healthy habit, that he should stop and smell the roses.

And as I generally say, I always like to ask: who is maintaining the roses?

But my general view is that this is not only about being productive.

Ali wants to absorb information, concepts, knowledge, and not waste time while doing it.

This goes for books, podcasts, YouTube videos and now TV.

And maybe this was the last piece of the puzzle. I am not sure.

And of course, I do agree with the fact that you should have a balanced life like people are saying in the comments section.

But what we must not forget is that we are all different.

What works for me, might not work for you.

I oftentimes am guilty of skipping parts of movies.

And the reason behind that is that the quality of the movies we are seeing right now has stagnated and our expectations have increased.

We are pretty much subconsciously used and adjusted with the storyline and we most of the time want to get to the drop.

We subconsciously know the plot, even though we cannot specifically remember in which movie we saw a particular scene.

But the truth is that we have quite a lot of instances when we are saying ''I've seen that before'' - like when a friend is showing you a meme, or a quote or recommending a movie or a book.

And we oftentimes do that just to be cool and stuff. But...

This is why people are adding timestamps in the videos, this is why we are reading book summaries and quotes.

And we can debate the role of technology and social media in all of this... but the world is accelerating and we as individuals have learned how to filter the unimportant.

So If I am speedreading through an article online or reading a book at double X speed... the reason I am doing that is not only because I want to be productive, but also because I subconsciously know that I've read that before.

In fact Alex Becker, another YouTube has a video called Books Are Slow & Stupid. Do This Instead.

And he is making a point on most books on business are almost exactly the same. They are recycling the same concepts and wrapping them in different layers.

And I believe this is true for movies, TV series, most of the online articles and also productivity tips. And sometimes I am guilty of doing that as well.

So if someone is able to recognize that and be true to himself and acknowledge his knowledge of the subject, I think that that particular someone has the right to increase the speed of consumption.

And that is because that someone is operating at a different level.

And it is all cool, again, we are all different, we do not need to be the same.

And If that particular someone notices something that catches his attention, he will, of course, slow things down and enjoy and smell those roses if he feels like doing it.

But again why I think Ali is using speed consumption is because as he is sometimes saying, he spent most of his time in front of the computer.

He lived on the internet, and he saw and learned about a lot of fo things.

And he developed this filtering system where his mind is primed to ''common let's speed things up as I already know this stuff, and I want to get to the point where I learn something new or experience something new"

And again most people in the comments are against this, which is okay, but I believe that there's more complexity to it, and there is no binary way of looking at it.

And there's one more thing I found relevant by watching his video on Why Video Games Are Good For You - and talk a little bit about the enjoyment people get from these games as well and compare it with the topic of speed consumption.

So if we take an example where you are playing a game like World of Warcraft Classic, where more than 50% of the time you are running from one point to another or ideally flying.

Sure I agree that if you just started playing the game, you can use the time to enjoy the content, to explore the forests and the cabins and the lakes and the music.

But if you already played the game, and you know most of the content, the story and you are now actually aiming for high utility in terms of gameplay and trying to be better by min-maxing how you do stuff and finding new tactics and strategies you can use to make the boring parts which you already explored more enjoyable.

That is human progress. And we can, of course, argue if we are progressing in the right direction, but that is a discussion for a separate video.

So don't hate on Ali, he is just providing additional creative ways on how to do stuff.

And I am finishing this with a quote

Progress appears to be caused at least simply by an attitude of progress... of people competing to be innovative, and of simply looking at age-old things and going "why do we do it that way?"