Copy of How I Remember Everything I Read

Technical Notes

šŸ‘‡ šŸ§  (for building your Second Brain)

THE MUGGLE (lvl. 1) --- - Reading without taking notes. - Simple reading, flipping pages, not engaging with the material, yawning. - Fine for reading fiction. - Not effective for non-fiction. - You will forget more often. Check

The Forgetting Curve phenomenon

for more info:

THE SQUIB (lvl. 2) --- - Reading & underlining the things we resonate with. - Fine, fun, but not quite effective in the long run. - Research shows that highlighting (underlining) does nothing to improve memory. Underlining is only fun when you decide to check the book 10 years later and laugh about the things you found interesting when you were younger. Good for self-analysis if you want to explore that for transhumanism purposes I suppose [personal note]

HUFFLEPUFF (lvl. 3) --- You have a systematic system for reviewing your highlights. App mentioned --- Readwise Link:

Syncs your highlights from Kindle, Instapaper, Pocket, iBooks, and more. Review the best parts easily through a daily email & app

RAVENCLAW (lvl. 4) --- Check The Magic Insight Logging Framework: pulling your highlights into a note-taking app such as Notion, Roam, Evernote etc. Check Ali's video on this called

The 5 Magical Apps That Changed My Life

Ali's using Readwise + Notion & Evernote for this as well.

Still very passive

DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY (lvl. 5) --- Engaging with books by taking quick notes on the stuff that you've read.

Ali shows how he is doing this in


Check Ali's template for book notes

The system leads you to engaging with the actual content. You will have to start summarising the books, give your general thoughts on it & key ideas.

Makes it stick

ORDER OF THE PHEONIX (lvl. 6) --- - Keep the lvl. 5 things. - Add a section for the summary and the notes of the book itself. - Writing literature notes. Creating your own personal flavoured summary of the book itself. All being focused on the points that resonated with you. Cons: takes ages Pros: very effective in the long run šŸ“ Book mentioned

How to Take Smart Notes


Zettelkasten Method of Note-Taking

Check min.

for more Further reference link:

DUMBLEDORE (lvl. 7) Using the

Zettelkasten Method of Note-Taking

to its fullest potential. Turn your notes into

Evergreen/Permanent/Solid notes

Distilled notes you can trust. Filtered and ready to go. Atomic notes linked to other notes you've got in your database. Check min.

for more. Overall take --- Get yourself to lvl. 5 That can be really useful.


Thank you for reading! *Please note that these are some quick notes I took out of Ali's video essay. You should watch the full video for additional golden nuggets and the extended version of each idea! Ali, if you are reading this, thank you for helping me upgrade my world views. I really appreciate what you do. You inspired me to take a more systemic approach while working on my YouTube channel and on my personal research as well. --- I also published a video called

A Day in the Life of a Content Curator

where I'm trying to outline the importance of being a (books) curator as well.


Currently trying to combine and produce more videos on mental models, productivity, less confusion and futuristic scenarios. Also posting these in a nice visual format on


Thank you, hope you found this helpful & have a great day ahead! - Robert