About this website

Technology is morphing everything around us: the way we think, learn, interact, and, ultimately, live.

Every young individual should now learn how to think, write, speak, code, and build their way to a future that inspires them.

Today's systems are not designed to work for this kind of makers, the child prodigies, the digital & physical hackers, the young founders, thus leaving a gap between the real impact they are really capable of.

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Most of the metadata in each page is self-explanatory: the date is the last time the page was meaningfully modified.

I tag my work to describe its state of completion by assigning a status. My work can come in weird forms and formats, such as tiny snippets, pictures, charts, drafts of unfinished work, possibly lacking structure or even sense. The tags here would be labeled as "in progress" and "finished".

I stole this idea from Gwern, who is using the Muflax’s “epistemic state” tags and Kesselman List of Estimative Words.