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In the launch episode of the brand new ii Hostcast, Evaric Weicksel goes meta: he interviews fellow Interintellect and Host Visakan Veerasamy and Interintellect founder Anna Gát about conversations and talent, world peace and nerds, friends and the internet, philosophy and freedom, and how to find your intellectual tribe with the Interintellect.

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Fellow Interintellect and salon host Linus Lu sits down with Dr. Isabela Granic - developmental psychologist, psychology professor and researcher - to talk about the role that stories we tell each other and ourselves play in creating more resilient selves.

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Interintellect's Evaric Weicksel talks with writer, marketing professional, and ii Salon Host Helena Ng about why curiosity is like quantum mechanics (or perhaps a monstrous hydra), how to find a curiosity buddy, and how to tend your digital garden.

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