Should I Get a House?

This tool helps compare the cost of renting vs. buying a place to live. It takes into account taxes, PMI, and other factors that some calculators miss. A cash-flow model compares the cost of renting to the cost of buying (and eventually selling) a home.


This tool is for fun and informational purposes only and is not legal nor financial advice. Please use at your own risk!

Marital Status:

Single Married Filing Jointly Married Filing Separately

Adjusted Gross Income:

State Income and Sales Tax:

Other Itemized Deductions:

Monthly Apartment Rent

Purchase Price:

Down Payment:

Purchase Closing Costs:

Purchase Flat Costs:

Mortgage Interest:

PMI Rate:

Monthly HOA & Extra Utilities:

Home Maintenance / Year:

Home Insurance / Year:

Inflation Rate:

Home Price Appreciation Rate:

Property Tax Rate:

Years Staying in the House:

Sale Closing Costs:

Rate of Return on Investment: 6.7%

Should I Get a House?: Yes

Model Result