Seth Godin was right about blogging every day - John Steen - Medium


One of Seth Godin’s most frequent pieces of advice is to blog every day.

Since starting my own daily blog, I’ve found this advice to be true — not only for the reasons he lists in the post, but also:

It fights inner worthlessness

When I’m feeling down or useless, the act of writing a blog tells me that indeed I do have something to contribute, at least to one person.

Even if I have no evidence that someone is benefitting from my blog, acting generous gets me out of my own head and subconsciously tells me that if I’m writing, I must be the kind of person who has something to say.

It tells me that I’m still in the fight, still swinging and hopefully helping someone else think a little differently and a little more positively.

It tells me what I’m interested in

When you start writing every day, you inevitably gravitate towards stuff that interests you.

If I had to try to manufacture an interest or blog about something because I felt it was strategic or in high demand, I would give up pretty quickly.

There’s only so many posts you can write about stuff you don’t care about before you get burned out.

So, the topics that I do write about are enlightening to me about what I’m actually interested in. It reflects my genuine thoughts, passions and curiosity.

It’s even more telling to me than what I think my passions are. There might be something to Mark Cuban’s advice to follow your effort.

It makes contribution a habit

Contributing every day naturally becomes a habit, and an incredibly valuable one.

Blogging every day programs us to utilize creativity, generosity and courage as part of our routine.

The more this is instilled within us, the more focused we become on creating something than can help those around us, which can pay disproportionately significant dividends for our community and for ourselves.

Giving and connecting become second nature.

This small daily habit is free, simple and life-changing. Why wouldn’t we do it?

Originally published at John’s blog where he blogs every day.