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Habits of High-Functioning Teams |
Rediscovering the Small Web -
Why you should have your own Twitter bot, and how to build one in less than 30 minutes
20 best simulators you can play right now | GamesRadar+
Feedback Loops | Daniel Gross
Ideas aren't cheap

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GPT-3: OpenAI's New Text Generating Neural Network is Here | Digital Trends
[2007.09560] The Overfitted Brain: Dreams evolved to assist generalization
Carbon Dioxide: An Open Door Policy | Slate Star Codex
People With Great Websites
Trends #0021 — Gamification
Embryo Selection For Intelligence ·
Body Positivity: How Feminists Shame & Control Beautiful Women - YouTube
Criminal Genius: A Portrait of High-IQ Offenders - Evan McCuish, 2018
Coase theorem - Wikipedia
Everything Is Correlated ·
Are Sunk Costs Fallacies? ·
OpenAI's GPT-3 may be the biggest thing since bitcoin
My GPT-3 Blog Got 26 Thousand Visitors in 2 Weeks - Excavations
The visual future of content editing - YouTube
Appearance of The Principate [Pt. I] | by Daniel Voshart | Jul, 2020 | Medium
Opinion | Why Joe Rogan's Spotify Deal Matters - The New York Times
Getting better sleep in difficult times – Mat Velloso
Post 28: On Creativity - the joys of 5 minute timers — Neel Nanda
Meaningful Rest - LessWrong 2.0
To be creative, Chinese philosophy teaches us to abandon ‘originality’ | Psyche Ideas
Objecting to experiments even while approving of the policies or treatments they compare | PNAS
The quest to slow ageing through drug discovery
Getting Better at Getting Better | The New Yorker
The Coach in the Operating Room | The New Yorker
Can It Be Wrong To Crystallize Patterns? | Slate Star Codex
Analogical Reasoning and Creativity - LessWrong 2.0
Curators Are the New Creators. The Business Model of Good Taste | by Gaby Goldberg | Aug, 2020 | Medium
This newsletter lives in Roam :: Up and to the Right — Jonathan Borichevskiy
Most favorited Hacker News posts of all time / Tom Larkworthy / Observable
My productivity app is a single .txt file
The Recursive Universe | Amanda Ghassaei
What Is Literature? - Wikipedia
what to talk about in 1:1s
Behavioral economics: Humans vs. Econs, a history of bringing traditional economics down to earth : Monthly Labor Review: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Communicating with Interactive Articles
Curators Are the New Creators. The Business Model of Good Taste | by Gaby Goldberg | Aug, 2020 | Medium
Does philosophy still need mathematics and vice versa? | Aeon Essays
How to design a successful website? Clear structure might be the winner - Writings | Petr Bilek
Consume less, produce more - Chris Mytton
The Constant Risk of a Consolidated Internet - The Atlantic
The Meaning of Decentralization. “Decentralization” is one of the words… | by Vitalik Buterin | Medium
Browsers, not apps, are the future of mobile | Inside Intercom
The Art of Curating : When Artists and Curators Switch Roles | by Nadine Murgida | Medium
My productivity app is a single .txt file
Most anguish isn’t an illness but an evolved response to adversity | Psyche Ideas
Post 35: Your Standards are Too High — Neel Nanda
Getting out of a bad state of mind | Derek Sivers
How to Create the Best Modafinil Stack | A-Z Guide
You can’t unlearn, and that’s a challenge for teachers | Psyche Ideas
Scientism Schmientism! Why There Are No Other Ways of Knowing Apart from Science (Broadly Construed) | Blog of the APA
A Guide to Deep Learning and Neural Networks - QotNews
We Hacked Apple for 3 Months: Here’s What We Found
K: The Overlooked Variable That's Driving the Pandemic - The Atlantic
The Elusive Peril of Space Junk - QotNews
How Josh Kaufman Does Research  - Superorganizers
What a Korean Teenage Fashion Trend Reveals About the Culture of Mask-Wearing - POLITICO
Asking the Right Questions About AI | by Yonatan Zunger | Medium
Introduction to a New Trial of Time Restricted Eating – CVCT CardioBrief
Create Effective Opt-In Forms That Still Work Under GDPR - MailerLite
How I Took Notes on 250+ Books in Roam - Almanack
The end of the American internet — Benedict Evans
Did I really just switch from Mac to Windows?
Effective altruism is logical, but too unnatural to catch on | Psyche Ideas
Telephone therapy is convenient and it works. Let’s use it more | Psyche Ideas
Immersion in fictional worlds allows us to own our dark side | Psyche Ideas
ELI5: Nietzsche and his ideas : explainlikeimfive
8 Morning Routine Habits To Optimize Productivity
Post 38: On Slack - Having room to be excited — Neel Nanda
Speed as a Habit | First Round Review
Structure | The New Yorker
Writing with the Master – The Magic of John McPhee – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
The Flaws of "Subscription Fatigue", "SVOD Fatigue", and the "Streaming Wars" —
Become a Superlearner! An Illustrated Guide to Superlearning | KHstats
Who Gets to Solve Death? - Divinations
The 40 Best Questions to Ask in an Interview — How to Go Deeper Than “What’s the Culture Like?” | First Round Review
See your Career as a Product - Erik Torenberg's Thoughts
20 years to overnight success - Fathom
Coders’ Primal Urge to Kill Inefficiency—Everywhere | WIRED
Share your best blog post!
Scientists develop the most heat-resistant material ever created
Ask HN: Do you find it productive to have an email folder categorization system? | Hacker News
Tim Ferriss Is Everything That's Wrong With The Modern World (And Why You Should Follow His Lead)
Climate Change: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide | NOAA
Slack’s VP of Design on the App’s New UX Overhaul
Sell Yourself Sell Your Work
The Org - Every Org Chart
How to Negotiate (or, "The Art of Dealmaking") | Tim Ferriss
A brief overview of Imitation Learning - SmartLab AI - Medium
Blazing fast blogs - an arbitrage opportunity?
Prodoscore Research from March/April 2020: Productivity Has Increased, Led By Remote Workers | Business Wire
Visualizations | R Psychologist
The Technium: 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice
What Lockdown? World’s Cocaine Traffickers Sniff at Movement Restrictions - OCCRP
Subdomain vs Subdirectory for SEO: A 2017 Case Study - GrowthHackers
A Failure, But Not Of Prediction | Slate Star Codex
which-programming-language-should-i-learn-first-infographic.png (2000×2210)
(3) How should I start learning Python? - Quora
Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?
What is the most useful programming language for indie hackers?
Types of Scoliosis - Hudson Valley Scoliosis
How to Exercise From Home Without Equipment | LifeMathMoney
What are your favourite growth hacking blogs you follow? :)
Relying on 'local food' is a distant dream for most of the world
Pallets: The single most important object in the global economy.
NASA Just Released The Artemis Accords - Guidelines For Humans to Abide by in Space
Amazon Erases Orwell Books From Kindle Devices - The New York Times
Instilling Novel Thought Patterns and Making Your Long-Term Memory Accountable with Anki - Alexey Guzey
Scientists Discover a Major Lasting Benefit of Growing Up Outside the City
One Notebook Could Replace All the Productivity Apps That Have Failed You
Seth Godin was right about blogging every day - John Steen - Medium
How to code a tiny website | Tiny Projects
Tiny websites are great | Tiny Projects
The PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information - Forte Labs
A short history of color theory - Programming Design Systems
Sell Yourself Sell Your Work
Timeline of the far future - Wikipedia
I Gained 16 Pounds in 4 Weeks with 4hrs Total Gym Time | Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Body Workout - YouTube
The Fastest Google Fonts – CSS Wizardry – Web Performance Optimisation
Software will eat software in a remote-first world - Margins by Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk
Disposable People | Musa al-Gharbi
What's Really Happening When You Have a Freudian Slip
The radical aristocrat who put kindness on a scientific footing | Psyche Ideas
Przewalski's Horse Project | Revive & Restore
Study helps explain why motivation to learn declines with age | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Earth Is Pulsating Every 26 Seconds, and Seismologists Don't Agree Why | Discover Magazine
Why Google’s new logos suck and how I fixed it. | by Nathan | Oct, 2020 | Medium
Why having "enough" feels so elusive | RadReads
This Is What It Takes to Go from $0 to $1 Million in Less Than One Year | by Stephen Moore | Entrepreneur's Handbook
Kitchen Cleaning Hacks | Kitchn
Be prolific - Chris Mytton
The physiological effects of slow breathing in the healthy human | European Respiratory Society
How Discord (somewhat accidentally) invented the future of the internet - Protocol
Sentence mining | Chinese Boost | Learn Chinese
[2005.09980] Artificial Intelligence versus Maya Angelou: Experimental evidence that people cannot differentiate AI-generated from human-written poetry
The Best Way to Organize Your Files and Folders
A short (preliminary) guide to Spaced Repetition in Roam Research
DeepMind's MuZero teaches itself how to win at Atari, chess, shogi, and Go | VentureBeat
Quantum Computing: What It Is, Why We Want It, and How We're Trying to Get It - Frontiers of Engineering - NCBI Bookshelf
Ventilated Prose | A Programmers Place
The combined effects of L-theanine and caffeine on cognitive performance and mood - PubMed
Vitamin D and Covid-19
L. Mahadevan Finds Math Inspiration in the Mundane | Quanta Magazine
PROIECT FOTO: 10 apartamente identice, 10 vieti diferite -
Is Dark Mode Good For Your Eyes? - Kev Quirk
How to get lots of ideas for side projects and writing |
How to kill the university |
Historian uncovers diaries from Nazi siege of Leningrad documenting cannibalism during famine | The Independent | The Independent
Nose vs. Mouth Breathing: How to Breathe While Running
Recognise the creativity behind crime, then you can thwart it | Psyche Ideas
1.6 History of Reinforcement Learning
Wes Kao — Create proof points to show evidence of work
How to plan a research project | Psyche Guides
How to plan a research project | Psyche Guides
Music and distraction ·
Using a memory palace to memorize a textbook. - LessWrong
“Living Robots”: Ethical Questions About Xenobots: The American Journal of Bioethics: Vol 20, No 5
2020 In Photos: A Year Like No Other - The New York Times
These are truly exciting times for the science of brain zapping | Psyche Ideas
Advantages of Contact Thermometers over Non-Contact/Infrared Thermometers
Roko’s Basilisk: The most terrifying thought experiment of all time.
People expect technology to suck because it actually sucks @
A Friendly Introduction to Graph Neural Networks - Exxact
Stop Taking Regular Notes; Use a Zettelkasten Instead
Toki Pona - Wikipedia
The Science of Delivering Bad News
How to become Prime Minister - 80,000 Hours
The method of loci as a mnemonic device to facilitate learning in endocrinology leads to improvement in student performance as measured by assessments
Why Tacit Knowledge is More Important Than Deliberate Practice
On Coding, Ego and Attention
How (some) good corporate engineering blogs are written
PsyArXiv Preprints | We Are What We Watch: Movie Plots Predict the Personalities of Those who “Like” Them
cdixon | How Aristotle Created the Computer
Is Substack the Media Future We Want? | The New Yorker
What Happened In 2020 - AVC
Is the Great Stagnation over? - Marginal REVOLUTION
Operation Warp Speed - Wikipedia
Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find? | NBER
Isolated Demands for Rigour in New Optimism | Applied Divinity Studies #stagnation #antistagnation
My Second Brain - Zettelkasten · Scott Spence
Biotechnology Research Viewed With Caution Globally, but Most Support Gene Editing for Babies To Treat Disease | Pew Research Center
50 Ideas That Changed My Life — David Perell
education - nabeelqu
What is Turing Test? A definition from
Love’s contradictions: Catullus on the agony of infatuation | Psyche Ideas
Feedback Loops | Daniel Gross
A genetic perspective on the association between exercise and mental health in the era of genome-wide association studies
We Make Up the Rules as We Go Along: Improvisation as an Essential Aspect of Human Practices?
The Aesthetics of Imperfection Reconceived: Improvisations, Compositions, and Mistakes - HAMILTON - 2020 - The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism - Wiley Online Library
Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule
What is Stego Image | IGI Global
The 80 Best Single-Operator Newsletters on the Internet - InsideHook
Jean Hilliard: Miracle on Ice
The Best Books To Read During Uncertain Times
My productivity app is a single .txt file
The simple power of one a day | Seth's Blog
Frontiers | The impact of binaural beats on creativity | Human Neuroscience
Binaural beats therapy: Benefits and how they work
Failure Resume | Kat Huang
Breave - News made simple
14: Dig your well before you're thirsty - The Knowledge
Overlap of movement planning and movement execution reduces reaction time - PubMed
Building Community On and Off Clubhouse
Interactions of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Mechanisms in Human Visual Cortex | Journal of Neuroscience
A New Morality of Attainment (Goodhart's Law) - Unintended Consequences
5 Strategies to Overcome Confirmation Bias in Your Personal Narratives | Hacker Noon
Why collect digital art NFTs? | Foundation
My Twitch Live Coding Setup. This article is an updated review of… | by Suz Hinton | Medium
Effect of Japanese sitting style (seiza) on the center of foot pressure after standing - PubMed
Structured Procrastination
Pmarchive - Guide to Personal Productivity
Podcast Notes : The best ideas from the world's best podcasts in minutes
Is the brain faster than the average computer? - Quora
5 Best-Kept Secrets of People Who Work Faster Than You - Small Business Trends
China officially bans CRISPR babies, human clones and animal-human hybrids – Biohackinfo
Brave Browser, Brendan Eich, Digital Privacy, Web 3.0 and the Battle Against Surveillance Capitalism | Hacker Noon
Artificial Neural Nets Finally Yield Clues to How Brains Learn | Quanta Magazine
White Paper
Lessons from Ludwig Wittgenstein and Alan Turing’s Debate on Mathematical Ontology – Positivism
None of our technologies has managed to destroy humanity – yet | Aeon Essays
Self-supervised learning: The dark matter of intelligence
Self-supervised Pretraining of Visual Features in the Wild
When medicine offers no relief, a biohacker begins a radical self-experiment | Aeon Videos
The first fully-implanted 1000+ channel brain-machine interface - Neuralink
Go fast to stay authentic. If you’re building a product, there are… | by Jake Knapp | Medium
Delete Your Content
Make Before You Manage – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
I’ve never had a goal - Signal v. Noise
The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup
Screw it, I'll host it myself | Marko Zivanovic
Readjusting To Porn
Study finds that regulatory protein prevents signaling that triggers cell deathStudy finds that regulatory protein prevents signaling that triggers cell death
The Cactus and the Weasel
Shifting the impossible to the inevitable
Sci-Hub | Long-term Electrical Capsular Stimulation in Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder | 10.1227/01.NEU.0000064565.49299.9A
What Is an Entertainment Company in 2021 and Why Does the Answer Matter? —
What should normal people do? - LessWrong
The Ultimate Guide to Inflation
The one where writing books is not really a good idea - The Novelleist
I Mailed an AirTag and Tracked Its Progress; Here's What Happened - The Mac Security Blog
Chris Mccormick - One million people saw my dumbest tweet
Ask HN: What passive income investments exist to supplement your salary? | Hacker News
Game theory as an engine for large-scale data analysis | DeepMind
Game theory as an engine for large-scale data analysis | DeepMind
Mind vs. Machine - The Atlantic
Singularity Mindset | Radimentary
Hammers and Nails | Radimentary
More Dakka | Don't Worry About the Vase
A guide to using your career to help solve the world’s most pressing problems - 80,000 Hours
More Dakka - TV Tropes
Apple’s interview questions database | by Anjali Viramgama | Jun, 2021 | Medium
Drive & Listen
Ask HN: Favorite Blogs by Individuals? | Hacker News
Soviet Brutalist Architecture Photographed by Frederic Chaubin - Weird Russia
How To Not Fail At Life (HTNFAL) - Imgur
Always be quitting -
Apple, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft form group to standardize browser plug-ins | AppleInsider
The Systems Thinker – A Lifetime of Systems Thinking - The Systems Thinker
iOS 15, Humane
WTF is Quadratic Funding?
Movements, Algorithms, Compliance, Tools - Unintended Consequences
Rapid Sequencing-Based Diagnosis of Thiamine Metabolism Dysfunction Syndrome | NEJM
Shedding More Light on How Instagram Works
The Adderall Productivity Experiment – 01 – Razaberrys
Smart-watch-programmed green-light-operated percutaneous control of therapeutic transgenes | Nature Communications
Asceticism - Wikipedia
Apple Struggles in Push to Make Healthcare Its Greatest Legacy - WSJ
The top technology trends | McKinsey
Future - Understand the Future, How Tech Shapes It, and How We Build It
The Absurdity of University Rankings | Impact of Social Sciences
The Most Precious Resource is Agency - by Simon Sarris - The Map is Mostly Water
Why did we wait so long for the threshing machine?
We Can't Let People Work from Home, for Stupid Reasons
Do Chance Meetings at the Office Boost Innovation? There’s No Evidence of It. - The New York Times
How to choose the right note-taking app: the ultimate guide - Ness Labs Notion Architect/Gardner/Librarian
Working hurts less than procrastinating, we fear the twinge of starting - LessWrong
The rise of fake scientists - Ness Labs
DeepMind’s AI predicts structures for a vast trove of proteins
Attention as Tetris Blocks - 🌳 Walk in the Forest
An Ode to the Underappreciated Spreadsheet
Notes on Industriousness - LessWrong
the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon - Google Search
Misinformation in and about science | PNAS
SpaceX's Starlink Review - Four months in | Jeff Geerling
The Tyranny of Spreadsheets | Tim Harford
It doesn’t take much public creativity to stand out as a job candidate
Should I Get a House?
Evil tip: avoid "easy" things
Mastering the Basics of Icon Design with Adrien Coquet | by Jeremy Elliott | Jul, 2021 | Noun Project
The Remote Culture War Has Begun, And Executives Are Pumping Out "Back To Work" Propaganda - by Ed Z - Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At
Salesforce completes acquisition of Slack | Slack
Zettelkasten, Roam, Obsidian, RemNote, Notion and Cong does not work as expected - Talk - Agenda Community
Simulacra Levels and their Interactions - LessWrong 2.0
Table of Contents | Rationality: From AI to Zombies
Curiosity: A Greedy Feeling
Hammertime Day 1: Bug Hunt - LessWrong 2.0
Singularity Mindset | Radimentary
Knowing About Biases Can Hurt People - LessWrong 2.0
Twelve Virtues of Rationality
Analogical Reasoning and Creativity - LessWrong 2.0
Disguised Queries - LessWrong 2.0
Satisficers want to become maximisers - LessWrong
Is Stupidity Expanding? Some Hypotheses. - LessWrong 2.0 viewer
Slack | Don't Worry About the Vase
Nuclear war is unlikely to cause human extinction
Why are young, healthy people eager to take the Covid-19 vaccine? - LessWrong
Are we in an AI overhang? - LessWrong 2.0
Philosophy in the Darkest Timeline: Basics of the Evolution of Meaning - LessWrong 2.0
Covid 12/24: We’re F***ed, It’s Over - LessWrong
Contrarian Writing Advice - LessWrong
A few notes after the Windows 11 preview, and on Windows in general | Riccardo Mori
Is Science Stagnant? - The Atlantic
The History of Sleep before the Industrial Revolution
The slow collapse of Amazon’s drone delivery dream | WIRED UK
Your Facebook Account Was Hacked. Getting Help May Take Weeks — Or $299 : NPR
TODO apps are meant for robots
Use Spreadsheets Everywhere! - Simple Thread
Physicists discover new kind of tetraquark—the longest-lived yet found | Ars Technica
Xennials - Wikipedia
Big tech companies are at war with employees over remote work | Ars Technica
【4K】Modern Japanese Neighborhood / Beautiful Sunset Walking Tour (Chikusa Ward, Nagoya) - YouTube
The Large Display Paradox
Extended mind thesis - Wikipedia
The Large Display Paradox
Lightweight task/application performance using single versus multiple monitors | Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2008
Stevey's Blog Rants: Programming's Dirtiest Little Secret
Contemplating calendars |
Tools for better thinking | Untools
Conflict Resolution Diagram | Untools
rachelbythebay : Writing
#044 - How I promote my content
Unqualified Reservations by Mencius Moldbug
30 Fundamentals – Everything Studies
Digital Brain Research
Home - Unintended Consequences
Project Jupyter | Home
A Teenager's Guide to Avoiding Actual Work - The Mad Ned Memo
Anima | Design to code | High-fidelity prototypes | Designer-developer collaboration
How people decide what they want to know | Nature Human Behaviour
Zero HP Lovecraft – An increasing proportion of the industrial surplus is being absorbed by the task of masking bio-social deterioration.
Accelerationism - Wikipedia
The World's Most Efficient Languages - The Atlantic
Zero HP Lovecraft – An increasing proportion of the industrial surplus is being absorbed by the task of masking bio-social deterioration.
Introducing Windows 11 - YouTube
Harish Garg on Twitter: "A small group of rebel AI researchers comes close to replicating the success of one of the biggest AI companies with billions of dollars and Open Source it for the world's benefit. Hacker News Crowd: Meh🤷‍♂️ So don't mind if they diss on your creation" / Twitter
Bezos, Branson, Musk: What you need to know about the new space race | Science & Tech News | Sky News
Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon boss - BBC News
Four-day week 'an overwhelming success' in Iceland - BBC News The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World (Audible Audio Edition): Simon Winchester, Simon Winchester, HarperAudio: Audible Audiobooks
The Argument for Simulation via Traditional A Posterori Arguments for God’s Existence – Richard Brown
Paid Ad Principles on Twitter: "My agency has worked with over 100 influencers on TikTok We cracked the code on how to get them to post for us Here's exactly how we do it to drive 2.5 million dollars in Nov-Dec //THREAD//" / Twitter
Tiny Acquisitions | Home
Fluid Paint
Degeneration theory - Wikipedia
Swipe-Worthy » Swipe File Archive » Marketing & Copywriting Examples
The Happiness Advantage Principle #5 - Zorro Circle
Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast | by Michael Fisher | Medium
Sean Johnson on Twitter: "How to use note taking to utterly transform your career (a thread): 1) Spend 30 minutes a day reading. Highlight important passages." / Twitter
Launch HN: Hypercontext (YC S21) – Meeting notes, actions, and OKRs in one app | Hacker News
Predictably Productive - Overcome procrastination with 10 min a day
Hundreds of AI tools have been built to catch covid. None of them helped. | MIT Technology Review
Refined Blog
How To Learn Stuff Quickly
Launch HN: Hypercontext (YC S21) – Meeting notes, actions, and OKRs in one app | Hacker News
My favorite author’s most accessible book to date - YouTube
PII: S0747-5632(00)00043-1
OpenAI API Alchemy: Emoji storytelling 🤖 – @AndrewMayne
How AI Dungeon players can translate their stories into emojis with the click of a button! | Medium
Stream Agora Politics music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud
Option + CMD + T
the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon
focus on taking all out.
writing can be a messy process.
LoFi Music Channel
you never know the impact you can have on the world.
remember that working hurts less than procrastinating$002fbams$002f89$002f9$002f2008bams23701.xml?t:ac=journals%24002fbams%24002f89%24002f9%24002f2008bams23701.xml
Beats & Bites
upload all your videos Replicate thumbnail
Building complex reasoning skills online through open-ended activities
How can we develop transformative tools for thought?
Micro Learning Futures
Is Immortality Possible? | Dyson Sphere Could Resurrect Humans
search google like a pro
AI for Good: clean water access in Africa with Chandler McCann from DataRobot (Practical AI #89) |> Changelog
Brain anatomy alterations associated with Social Networking Site (SNS) addiction | Scientific Reports
Labelling concepts : slatestarcodex
Why evergreen notes need to be atomic, concept-oriented, and densely linked? – Dafuq is that
An Old Hacker's Tips On Staying Employed - by Mad Ned - The Mad Ned Memo
The all-in-one hub for managing your freelance projects
Gather | A better way to meet online.
Stephen Malina - Energetic Aliens
Digital People Would Be An Even Bigger Deal
Boston Dynamics Parkour
The Great Online Game - by Packy McCormick - Not Boring by Packy McCormick (metaverse)
Contemplating calendars |
Why Is It So Hard to Be Rational? | The New Yorker
This app is exactly what I've been looking for! It's called Cloud Battery. Install on each device and as long as on the same iCloud account it'll sync battery life. : MacOS
You don't need to work on hard problems |
Attention is your scarcest resource - LessWrong
The most important century (roadmap)
Cal Newport on an industrial revolution for office work - 80,000 Hours
Actually possible: thoughts on Utopia – Hands and Cities
Think Lazy, Watch Reality TV, and Other Odd Productivity Tips From CEOs of America's Fastest-Growing Businesses |
Ask HN: What's the most life-changing blog post you've ever read? | Hacker News
Wes Kao — Course Mechanics Canvas: 12 Levers to Achieve Course-Market Fit
What Is an Entertainment Company in 2021 and Why Does the Answer Matter? —
Why Streaming Services Keep Partnering With Wireless Carriers - Variety
Someone added ‘googling’ as a skill on CV, landed an interview. See viral tweet | Trending - Hindustan Times
Ozzy Osbourne's Genome Reveals Some Neandertal Lineage - Scientific American
Growing up with Google is making students less organized -- but it might not matter
The Technium: 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice
Revisiting “The 4-Hour Workweek” | The New Yorker
Oliver Palmer | The case against heatmaps
How I failed 5 side projects in 6 years, earning $0
Why do placebos work? Scientists identify key brain pathway | Science | AAAS
The Next 50 Years | Jordan O’Connor
hydromisc/ at master · hydromisc/hydromisc · GitHub