Hey there! Robert here. You stumbled upon my brain dump database. Look, technology is morphing everything around us: the way we think, act, interact, and, ultimately, live. Every young individual should now learn how to think digitally, write, speak, code, and build their way to a future that inspires them. Today's systems are not designed to work for this kind of makers, the child prodigies, the digital & physical hackers, the young founders, thus leaving a gap between the real impact they are really capable of. This website houses my working notes, which I've accumulated over the course of several years. These are in a constant state of flux: with most of them being literature notes. This database is part of my endeavor to arrange my own notions and ideas in a more public place where I can link notes on various topics together. I also post visual stuff on my YouTube channel. ideas and theories that interest me. I use it to alleviate boredom and occasionally heighten my thought processes.

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My current nano-philosophy

Created: 2019/4/3 Last updated: 2021/04/17 Status: In progress Confidence: unlikely

On Age

Age really is just an anxiety-inducing number. Feeling like you need to have your life figured out by the time you're 20, comparing yourself to other people your age, stressing about turning 30, and feeling like you are officially no longer "young". A way for people to put you into a convenient box of stereotypes.

I understand that if you want to function in society, you need to keep track of things. Sometimes I feel like I do not even need to have a name. If I have a group of people that really know me, they don't need to call me anything. I suppose I like not to be bound by stuff that other people bring on you.

There is no day, there is no night. I am trying not to bind myself to the arbitrary calculations of cycles and sequences which are ultimately imaginary. It is easier for me to say that a day doesn't end when the moon is out, and the day doesn't begin when the sun rises. It is all a continuous flow. Not chopped up into pieces.

I do enjoy being alone and have a tendency toward a solitary or sheltered lifestyle.

I am indeed a walking contradiction.

On Death‍

Not fully convinced by the idea of death. How selfish of me!

One of my aims is to find a way to make us humans connect on a deeper level using technology. Oxymoronic, right? Being together in a state of a continuous flow of essences juggling and understanding one another just by learning how to leverage compressed communication?

‍Karmic Guidelines‍

I have what you might call karmic guidelines and I tend to sometimes believe in this type of framework as I find it helpful for me rebounding from challenges in life and for making moral decisions.

I tend to believe that what goes around comes around. If you do good things, good things will come to you. If you do bad things, bad things will return to you. I tend to oversimplify this. It should not be a rule. It is not.

Those are hard to empirically prove, as someone who spent so much time in the world of science. And science is really a regimented way of testing your own assumptions. It's not sterile. It's a way of thinking that I find very helpful for avoiding confusion and delusion.

So having spent so much time in that evidence-based world and manner and investigation and thinking, I try not to accumulate that many beliefs that I can't show evidence for.

Karma is about patterns of behavior that repeat. Repeating patterns of behavior are real, just as that the same kind of people are drawn to each other. Violent people find themselves together, where often they prey upon one another. That many become victims is said to be karma.

The world needs not to be random. The world does not care what I want.

Questions from the community

These are some common questions I collected from my community. Posting the answer here, as it might be helpful for other people too.

1. How do you DISCOVER content? (Sources) E.g. Twitter / other newsletters/recommendations from friends / Feedly, and any other sources?

I am pretty random in terms of how I discover content. Over the years, I've built a steady mental list of people/blogs/distribution channels that I follow either via email or, again, mentally. Meaning that I actively remind myself to check X's blog and see if any new posts have been published or something that might be interesting for my purposes. I do sometimes collect content from Twitter, but again, most of it is collected actively by myself by actually going to the source. If I decide that the source is reliable, I will subscribe to their communications (daily/weekly/monthly newsletters, updates & other news types from that particular creator/outlet).

2. How and where do you SAVE the content you find interesting? E.g. Pocket, Notion, Roam, etc.

I save content in Notion (with Notion Web Clipper) and Roam. I used Pocket in the past, as well as Evernote. I am also experimenting with a currently Apple-only browser called Command.

3. Do you typically WRITE thoughts/ insights/ views on the content while saving the content or later when you are writing the newsletter? What app do you write these thoughts to?

When I find something interesting, I either send it to a Notion folder called "Links to process". This means that I will have to schedule some time during the week to read that particular piece and decide if it is worth sharing or not. I would also leave a tab open in the browser, schedule a reminder using my iOS Reminders app, or even post it in my calendar so that I can read the content the next day (say I discover something right before sleep haha). You can check my favorite collected links (in Notion) here.

4. How do you CURATE i.e. decide which content goes into the newsletter? What do you use for the actual shortlisting? E.g. Pocket, Notion, Roam.

Nowadays, I keep the things that interest me in Notion, and I have shared that folder with my community. I have a category-based substructure where I keep things such as Interesting Articles, Software, Blogs I follow, Marketing Stuff, Design, etc. I read -> Save to Notion's Links to Process -> Follow-up and do the Processing -> Post it in the newsletter while adding some personal notes.

5. What is the most annoying part of the curation process? What would make your life easier?

I would not say there's anything annoying. To speed up the process, it would have been great if Substack had an actual app so that I could send my desired content straight into the future 'newsletter' as a plain-text link.

Update, I am now using Revue for my newsletter.

6. Do you typically write your newsletter on another note-taking app and paste into Substack or write it on Substack itself?

No, I use Substack exclusively for writing.

Update, I am now using Revue for my newsletter.

7. What parts of the curation process you wished were easier/ better?

I think that the answer from #5 would apply here as well.

8. How do you deal with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? I have so many YouTube videos that could help improve my life, but it's kind of too much.

Constant battles. Unsubscribe from everything (cold turkey) and possibly make a list of channels you would like to review/watch something like 1x per week. Or even 1x per day! IF 1 week is too hard. You can also create a secondary account so that you can get a fresh feed, getting rid of the old one, which is going to be affected by its own history.

9. Do you have any tips for me on how I could tell more people about my project?

If you haven't already, I would first start creating a structure, a plan of attack. It's sort of like setting up your cockpit first and then flying the plane.

From the top of my mind:

  1. Discord communities
  2. Telegram communities
  3. WhatsApp communities (not sure if this exist lol)
  4. Clubhouse communities
  5. Reddit communities
  6. Slack communities
  7. Hackernews
  8. Hackernoon
  9. Indiehackers
  10. Blogging/documenting your process/outcome
  11. Recycling the (7) post on Medium (debatable)
  12. Newsletter (should not be focused on pushing your products)
  13. Twitter
  14. Instagram
  15. Pinterest
  16. Facebook
  17. Quora (try to be helpful)
  18. Merge all of the above under one single account an push what you want to push through these so that you don't have to publish on each individually. There should be a balance here, as not every single piece of content is suited for every platform.
  19. Synthesize your projects under a small easy to digest link using something like luma or nano.site. I'm sure there are others out there. Attach that link to your social media profiles and other places you hang out on the internet.

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe. Also, a marathon, not a sprint. Tactical consistency cooks the rice.

10. You sure have a knack for discovering obscure methods to optimize everyday processes. I want to know the processes you follow to deconstruct any skill to the bare minimum.

received: 24 Sept 2021, 00:16 to be answered formally

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