Way of the Warrior Kid
Way of the Warrior Kid

Way of the Warrior Kid

He seemed to know where he was going. He had a very serious look on his face. He looked STRONG. He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, and his arms were big! While all the other people seemed to be thinking about themselves, Uncle Jake was slowly looking around, scanning the whole area. (Location 150)

He also talked about being in war. He said the hard part wasn’t the missions or carrying all that gear or being afraid—he said the hard parts were the times when his friends got hurt or killed. (Location 178)

“You don’t have to be good to have fun.” (Location 184)

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“Is that it???? I get picked on by a bully, made fun of because I can’t do any pull-ups, I don’t know what eight times seven is, and I don’t even know how to swim!! How much worse can it get???” I said loudly. “Good,” said Uncle Jake. “Good?” I asked. “How the heck is all that good?” “It’s good because every one of those problems is something you can change. Every one of them.” (Location 204)

“What have you been doing?” I asked. “Well,” he replied, “I woke up, worked out, went for a run, took a shower, reviewed some reading that was recommended for college, and now I’m having breakfast with my sister.” “You did all that this morning?” “I sure did.” “What time did you wake up?” “Zero-dark-thirty,” Uncle Jake replied. “What the heck is that?” I asked. Uncle Jake smiled. “That means I get up early. Very early.” (Location 227)

There is a lot more to being a warrior than just being in a war. Warriors are people that stand up for themselves. They face challenges. Warriors work hard to achieve goals. They have the discipline to overcome their weaknesses. Warriors are people that constantly try to test and improve themselves. And yes, war is the ultimate test, but not all warriors go to war.” (Location 251)

“Star jumpers.” “Burpees.” “Diamond push-ups.” “Dive-bomber push-ups.” “Supermans.” “Jackknives.” “Belly busters.” And let me tell you, even though these names sound funny, THERE WAS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT THEM AT ALL. (Location 298)

The SEAL Code • Loyalty to country, team, and teammate • Serve with honor and integrity on and off the battlefield • Ready to lead, ready to follow, never quit • Take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your teammates • Excel as warriors through discipline and innovation • Train for war, fight to win, defeat our nation’s enemies • Earn your trident every day (Location 346)

THE VIKING LAWS • Be brave and aggressive – Be direct – Grab all opportunities – Use varying methods of attack – Be versatile and agile – Attack one target at a time – Don’t plan everything in detail – Use top-quality weapons • Be prepared – Keep weapons in good condition – Keep in shape – Find good battle comrades – Agree on important points – Choose one chief • Be a good merchant – Find out what the market needs – Do not promise what you can’t keep – Do not demand overpayment – Arrange things so that you can return (Location 360)

• Keep the camp in order – Keep things tidy and organized – Arrange enjoyable activities that strengthen the group – Make sure everybody does useful work – Consult all members of the group for advice (Location 376)

“You’re not DUMB. You just need to APPLY yourself.” “What does that mean?” I asked him. “It means work hard. Focus. Give one hundred percent. You see, no one is BORN knowing the times tables—or anything else! You have to LEARN and you have to learn EVERYTHING. That means you have to actually study and work until you know. Of course, this will be easier for some people than others.” (Location 560)

He then explained to me that every person has stuff that they are good at and stuff they are not. Some kids can learn more easily. Some kids can run faster. Some kids can do more pull-ups. Some people are even naturally good at everything. He also told me that I was naturally good at drawing. He has seen some of my artwork from school and other drawings I made around the house. He asked me if I practiced a lot to get good at art, and when I told him no, he said I was a natural. Then he told me that just about anybody can be good at just about anything—if they work hard. (Location 564)

He asked me to come on down to the water’s edge and wade in. I asked him if he was going to push me in, and he promised he wouldn’t. He told me that people are usually scared of things that they don’t understand. I needed to understand that water wasn’t going to hurt me as long as I respected it and learned to handle myself in it. So I walked down and put my feet in. (Location 649)

He said that in the SEAL Teams they yelled “HOO-YAH” when they had to do something they didn’t want to do or something they were scared to do. He said yelling loud relieved the tension of being scared. He told me to give a yell and see how it felt. “AAAHHHHWOOOOO!” I yelled. Then again. “AAAAAAAHHHHWOOOOOOOO!” (Location 668)

“What’s wrong with you, Marc? Why weren’t you down in the garage this morning for your workout?” “Well…” I didn’t know what to say. “‘Well’ what?” Uncle Jake asked me. “Well, I don’t know,” I told him. “I just … I’m just … I’m tired.” “Tired? What does tired have to do with anything?” “Well. You know. I’m tired. I worked out all last week. I did jiu-jitsu classes. Plus, we went to the river. With so much stuff going on, I’m just tired. I think I need some rest.” “If you need rest, you go to sleep earlier. You don’t sleep in, and you don’t miss workouts. Even if you can’t perform at a high level, showing up and doing something is still a thousand times better than not showing up at all.” (Location 690)

The most important part of discipline is following rules that you set for yourself. It is doing things you might not always feel like doing—things that make you better.” (Location 710)

“Listen, if you want freedom from being bullied at school by Kenny, you have to have the discipline to go to jiu-jitsu class and learn the skills to defeat him. If you want freedom from ridicule when you do pull-ups at school, you have to have the discipline to train so that you can do pull-ups. “If you want the freedom to swim in the water and enjoy your school trip, you need the discipline to overcome your fear of the water and learn how to swim. What about school? Do you want to be free of being stumped on tests and not knowing the answer to questions in class? Then you need the discipline to study and learn the material they teach you. When you get older, you are going to want financial freedom—that means having enough money to do what you want without worrying about it. The only way you are going to get financial freedom is by having financial discipline—by saving money and not wasting it on things you don’t need. And all that discipline starts with getting up early in the morning.” (Location 711)

“Well, I’m up now,” I told Uncle Jake. “I know you are,” he replied. “But you are only up because I woke you up. I made you get up. That’s called ‘imposed discipline’—when someone else makes you do what they want you to do. What you need is called SELF-DISCIPLINE. That is when you take control of yourself. When you push yourself. When you make yourself do the hard things. That is what gives you freedom. Does that make sense to you?” (Location 720)

We want to be able to do what we want. We want to live free. But in order to get freedom, we have to work for it. Work hard. We have to earn that freedom. Freedom requires discipline. So even though sometimes discipline seems like it is trapping you and making you do things that you don’t want to do, discipline is the thing that will set you free. Discipline equals freedom.” (Location 729)

“Motivated?” Uncle Jake replied. “I don’t worry about motivation, because motivation comes and goes. It’s just a feeling. You might feel motivated to do something, and you might not. The thing that keeps you on course and keeps you on the warrior path isn’t motivation. It is discipline. Discipline gets you out of bed. Discipline gets you onto the pull-up bar. Discipline gets you to grind it out in jiu-jitsu class. If you do those things only when you are motivated to do them, you might do them only fifty percent of the time. Sure, it’s nice when motivation is there, but you can’t count on motivation. You have to rely on the personal discipline you develop. Like you said: Discipline equals freedom. Got it?” “Yes, Uncle Jake, I do.” (Location 735)

Note: About Motivation - Does it really matter?

YES!!!!!!!!! I DID IT! Finally, after eighteen days of training, TODAY I DID MY FIRST PULL-UP. BY MYSELF!!! (Location 744)

Good is never good enough! (Location 800)

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I took a look at his plate and had to admit to myself that he was right. He had a salad and some chicken on his plate. And he was drinking a big glass of milk. (Location 923)

“You need to eat REAL FOOD. Steak. Fish. Chicken. Eggs. Pork. Salad. Vegetables. Nuts and seeds. Stuff that is real food, not stuff that comes from a factory like those potato chips (Location 935)

“Okay. Okay. I get it. Tomorrow I will start to eat real food, like that.” “Tomorrow? What do you mean tomorrow?” “Well, I don’t want to waste this food,” I told Uncle Jake, thinking that he would at least let me enjoy this one last tasty meal. “Wrong answer. There is only one time to start making yourself better: NOW. You need to start now, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year. NOW. Go throw that food in the garbage and pour that soda down the drain. You need to put the right fuel in the machine.” (Location 938)

I won’t let you drown, and I will be right next to you. In the SEAL Teams, we never do anything in the water alone, without someone watching us. No one should EVER do anything in the water alone. You need to have someone watch and make sure you are safe. It’s called a ‘swim buddy,’ and I will be yours.” (Location 972)

Just when you think you know what pain is—there is more! (Location 1017)

Sometimes the body just adapts to the stress you’re putting on it and stops improving.” (Location 1029)

“Well, here is what is happening: You make the body work hard—or you ‘stress’ the body—and then, in order to deal with that stress, the body builds muscle and gets stronger—or it ‘adapts’ to that stress.” “So my body has adapted a little?” I asked. “Actually, your body has adapted a lot. You have gotten better in every exercise. You are just stuck. But we will get you through that.” (Location 1036)

“How?” I asked. “Simple. More stress.” (Location 1041)

He looked disappointed and surprised and said, “Well, it didn’t even matter. You are really good at this stuff!” Stay humble, I thought to myself as I said, “It’s just that I have been training longer than you. Don’t worry. It’s easy to learn, and you’ll pick it up fast as long as you keep training.” (Location 1230)

“Well, you said I’m not afraid of anything. And that is just not true. Fear is normal. In fact, fear is good. Fear is what warns you when things are dangerous. Fear is what makes you prepare. Fear keeps us out of a lot of trouble. So there is nothing wrong with fear. But fear can also be overwhelming. It can be unreasonable. It can cause you to freeze up and make bad decisions or hesitate when you need to act. So you have to learn to control fear. And that’s what you need to do right now.” (Location 1296)

“Yes. You just go. You see, fear lives in the moment—that powerful moment—between when you decide you are going to do something and when you do it. Once you go—once you start—you won’t be afraid anymore. You overcome the fear by going—and it is the same in many aspects of life. Parachuting. Talking in front of a crowd. Taking a test. Running a race. Competing in jiu-jitsu. The fear is in the waiting. So. Once you have prepared and trained and studied and planned, there is only one thing left to do: go.” (Location 1314)

“Today is the big day,” he said. (Location 1334)

Oftentimes, the warrior stands alone. It can happen for many reasons. Maybe he got left behind. Maybe the rest of his team got killed. Maybe he just grew old, and his fellow warriors died. Maybe he got assigned a job that put him out there, on the battlefield, by himself. None of that matters. The warrior remains strong. The warrior must know how to stand alone.” (Location 1389)

Hard work. Discipline. Study. Eat good food. Keep your room and your gear in order. Set new goals and work hard to meet them. Keep training jiu-jitsu. (Location 1395)

The watch will help you stay disciplined by making you remember to get better every second of the day. I already set the alarm for early morning every day. The compass will remind you to stay on the warrior path. Discipline Equals Freedom. Uncle Jake. (Location 1416)

Warrior Kid Code. Here it is: 1. The Warrior Kid wakes up early in the morning. 2. The Warrior Kid studies to learn and gain knowledge and asks questions if he doesn’t understand. 3. The Warrior Kid trains hard, exercises, and eats right to be strong and fast and healthy. 4. The Warrior Kid trains to know how to fight so he can stand up to bullies to protect the weak. 5. The Warrior Kid treats people with respect and helps out other people whenever possible. 6. The Warrior Kid keeps things neat and is always prepared and ready for action. 7. The Warrior Kid stays humble. 8. The Warrior Kid works hard and always does his best. 9. I am the Warrior Kid. (Location 1484)

You can walk down the path by yourself: Wake up early. Exercise hard. Eat good food. Study. Train jiu-jitsu. (Location 1516)