I’m a nerd with OCD who grew up programming for fun. (Location 48)

I could make the decision to go with the food that would give me energy and clear my mind, (Location 80)

Computer scientist Alan Keys probably said it best: “Our ability to open the future will depend not on how well we learn but how well we are able to unlearn.” (Location 123)

I ate until I felt full. Actually, because I ate so quickly, the truth is that I often ate beyond being full. (Location 140)

when Coca-Cola began to notice a steep decline in consumption of soda, it funded research that said that sugary drinks weren’t the problem—Americans just weren’t exercising enough.2 (Location 304)

While I didn’t consume sugary drinks, I’d certainly consumed tons of so-called “healthy” snacks made up mostly of refined carbohydrates, sometimes coated in corn syrup and other ingredients derived from sugar or corn products. (Location 320)

more data collection. The first area where I totally flipped the script was exercise. (Location 347)

Unlike when I was on the elliptical or in spin class, yoga put my mind at ease. (Location 358)

With this in mind, I approached fuel—what I call the food I consume—with the same open-mindedness that had ultimately carried me into that yoga class. (Location 385)