Screw It, Let's Do It
Screw It, Let's Do It

Screw It, Let's Do It

The best lesson I learned was to just do it. It doesn’t matter what it is, or how hard it might seem, as the ancient Greek, Plato, said, ‘The beginning is the most important part of any work.’ (Location 53)

We live in an era when we must have some money to survive. I once said I only need one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner a day. And I still live by those words. I never went into business to make money – but I have found that, if I have fun, the money will come. I often ask myself, is my work fun and does it make me happy? I believe that the answer to that matters more than fame or fortune. (Location 193)

People say I should relax. I could retire. I ask, ‘What would I do?’ They say, ‘Paint watercolours. Play golf. Have fun.’ But I am already having fun. My work is fun. Fun is at the core of the way I do business. It has been the key to it all from the start. I see no reason to change it. (Location 304)

Not all of us have the money to start up a business, or the luck, or the chances aren’t there. Sometimes, you are just glad to have a job – any job. So you grab the job in the factory or the store or the call centre. You might hate it, but you try to make the best of things. But is that fun? I would say do you really have to stay stuck in a rut? Is that job you hate really your only option? Whoever you are, you have other choices. Look around. See what else you can do. (Location 308)

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Even without the internet anyone can start up a new business from home. You can wash windows, take in ironing or walk dogs. You can be an artist or a writer. You can be a gardener. You can make and sell dolls’ houses. (Location 321)

Anita Roddick made skin cream in her kitchen. Now the Body Shop is a global empire. You can make salad dressing in your garage like Paul Newman. With him it started as a hobby. Now it’s a big company. (He gives all the profits to charity. So far, he has given away more than $150 million – not bad for a hobby.) Granted, Paul Newman didn’t have to worry about funding. (Location 322)

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At home, we talked business at dinner. I know some parents keep their work away from the kids. They won’t share their problems. But I believe their children never really learn the value of money. Sometimes when they get into the real world they can’t cope. We knew what the real world was about. (Location 595)

I believe in myself. I believe in the hands that work, in the brains that think, and in the hearts that love. (Location 632)

On earth, my life is fast and hectic, each moment full. It can be too busy. We all need our own space and it’s good to pause and do nothing. It gives us time to think. It recharges our bodies as well as our minds. (Location 655)

One of the things I am very good at is catnapping, catching an hour or two of sleep at a time. Of all the skills I have learned, that one is vital for me. On a bus between Hong Kong and China, for example, when nothing much is going on, I will sleep. I wake refreshed and ready to go for long hours. It’s also a very good way of switching off. Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were masters of the catnap and I use their example in my own life. (Location 680)

The Spanish painter, Salvador Dali, had a unique way to savour the moment. When he was bored with life, he would walk in his cliff-top garden. He would pick a perfect peach, warm from the sun, and hold it in his hand to admire its golden skin. He would sniff it. The warm perfume would fill his senses. Then he would take a single bite. His mouth would fill with luscious juice. He would savour it slowly. Then he would spit out the mouthful and throw the peach into the sea below. He said it was a perfect moment and he gained more from that than from eating a basket of peaches. (Location 684)

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In a way, regrets are like wanting the peach you have thrown away. It’s gone, but you are filled with remorse. You wish you hadn’t thrown it away. You want it back. I believe the one thing that helps you capture the moment is to have no regrets. Regrets weigh you down. They hold you back in the past when you should move on. (Location 689)

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Respect is about how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress. (Location 882)

Change the World, Even If In a Small Way (Location 942)

The man who started IKEA divides his day into ten-minute sections. He says, ‘Ten minutes, once gone, are gone for good. Divide your life into ten-minute units, and don’t waste even a minute.’ You don’t have to fill your time rushing about in order to use your time wisely, though. Bill Gates – the world’s top charity donor – said his staff could spend two hours gazing into space, as long as their minds were working, and Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity in his head without paper or pen. (Location 959)