In pursuit of an internally consistent annihilation


A while ago, a monk told me confidently that a spiritual guru who was well respected in my community, was definitely not enlightened. After this I got interested in what people meant when they were talking about enlightenment, so I asked anyone who reported being enlightened to talk to me. I didn’t only use the […]

Psychedelics seem to crop up among the people and writings I’m interested in, and I’ve read your accounts of acid effects a few times now, the latest due to Jacob Falkovich’s recent essay. You describe feeling like you’re drinking raw truth from the universe’s faucet, which seems in line with many others’ experiences, with the […]

Included: Picking a site, security, equipment, lighting/angles, business strategy, psychological tricks, types of camgirls and members, how to make sales, dealing with the emotional burden, taxes, networking, personal branding, marketing, and a few other things. My credentials: I was a camgirl for five years. My highest earning month was $50,000, and my highest rank (on […]