Apps, Tools & Software

Apps, Tools & Software

A huge categorized dump of all the tools I use/used at some point.


Computer 🖥️

Headphones 🎧

Mouse 🖱️

I want to outline that my mouse sensitivity is maxed out. Same as for the mouse trackpad, as I like shaving a few seconds here and there. These will eventually add up. One will have to adjust with the sensitivity increase, but after a while - it will become a default. Keyboard shortcuts are also important, as I sometimes view myself as a tech bro.

A decent computer mouse can be a long-term investment. Unless you are not worried about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Cloud & Data Storage ☁️

  • Google Drive: cloud storage for everything else; 15GB with a free Google Account
  • Box: Dropbox ripoff?
  • SlideShare
  • WeTransfer
  • Google Keep: cloud-based note-taking app; good for data dumping
  • Google Docs: self-explanatory
  • Todoist
  • Pocket
  • Google Calendar
  • Dynalist
  • compile your favorite Twitter threads in one place.
  • Free My Dekstop: (MAC only) is a menu bar app that with just one click hides all the icons from your desktop, the dock and the menubar.
  • Pastebin: A pastebin or text storage site is a type of online content hosting service where users can store plain text
  • Dropbox: cloud storage for photos (because Google Drive has really dumb sync with Google Photos, e.g. if I delete a photo from Google Photos, then the copy of this photo from Google Drive is automatically deleted)

Editors / Integrated development environment / Website Building

Internet Search

Reading & Learning


  • VLC media player: video player. Features I use the most: (1) increase/decrease in viewing speed by .1 of the original speed; (2) simple switching of subtitles / audio tracks and the ability to delay them, if either is out of sync with the video; (3) ability to set volume above 100%.



  • Roam Research
  • Evernote — long-term knowledge base
  • Notion
  • Coda — begins with a blinking cursor and grows as big as your team’s ambition. We’ve seen Coda docs do everything from run weekly meetings to launch products.



  • AutoHotkey: runs a script that remaps Backspace to CapsLock and “==-” into “—”
  • Ditto: clipboard manager (e.g. allows to recover pictures that you copied previously)
  • Git Bash: console
  • LinkChecker: checks links on localhost for brokeness
  • Total Commander: file manager for when Windows File Explorer is not enough (e.g. need to mass rename files according to same pattern)
  • T-Clock: allows me to configure the tray to display current date in YYYY-MM-DD format

Language Processing

  • Grammarly: free grammar checker
  • Hemingway Editor: word processor and proofreading tool designed for writers. It is a standalone program that can be accessed online or by downloading the desktop version of the app; and helps users write in a simple, clear, and powerful manner.



Video Conferencing


Windows Only

These are my recommended productivity apps, tools, and features on Windows 10 to keep organized and work more effectively on my wide monitor.


  • StreamLabs Obs - the one I am currently using (as of August 2020)
  • Ecamm Live - streaming software for Mac. Costs money. But it is cool.

Stock Footage, Illustrations, Icons 🖼️

Digital Design & Blogging 👨🏼‍💻

Copy of Signifier design information · Klim Type Foundry
Copy of Adobe Premiere Pro Resources
Copy of How to design a successful website? Clear structure might be the winner - Writings | Petr Bilek
Copy of Bear Blog

Calendar 📅

Audio ingestion 🎧

No Code (app builders & more)


Random (unprocessed)

really need to clean these up lol

CasterKit - Resources for Podcasters
Product Hunt – The best new products in tech.
0 to 500K Growth Tactics) in 10 months
Mixkit - Awesome free assets for your next video project
Animated Icons - 400 Free Icons
Free Hand Drawn Emoji Font | 40+ Free Icons - beedii
Web Monetization · A JavaScript browser API which allows the creation of a payment stream from the user agent to the website
Loom: Video Messaging for Work
Title Case Converter : Turns Your Input into Title Case
Kukla kit
Personal SEO: A Guide to Actually Showing Up in Google Searches
Linktree™ | The Only Link You'll Ever Need
Alpe Audio | Courses On The Go
The Scholar's Stage: Why I am Bearish on Substack
Alpe Audio | Courses On The Go
GetKeywords - Keyword Research Simplified
No Code List 5.0. Fast, intuitive and most polished… | by Rustem Mussabekov | | Oct, 2020 | Medium
Delete Your Content
Notes on
22 Exciting New Tools For Designers, June 2021 | Webdesigner Depot Webdesigner Depot » Blog Archive
Design Resources | Create Beautiful Images of Twitter Posts
GitHub - RH12503/triangula: Generate high-quality triangulated and polygonal art from images.
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