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My aim is to write useful content that's distilled and impenetrable. I do enjoy aesthetics and long-term content that's distilled and impenetrable. Technology is morphing everything around us: the way we think, act, interact, and, ultimately, live. Every young individual should now learn how to think digitally, write, speak, code, and build their way to a future that inspires them. Today's systems are not designed to work for this kind of makers, the child prodigies, the digital & physical hackers, the young founders, thus leaving a gap between the real impact they are really capable of.

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My nano-philosophy

Created: 2019/4/3 Last updated: 2021/04/17 Status: In progress Confidence: unlikely

Why even have a personal philosophy? Why nano?

On Age

Age really is just an anxiety-inducing number. Feeling like you need to have your life figured out by the time you're 20, comparing yourself to other people your age, stressing about turning 30 and feeling like you are officially no longer "young". A way for people to put you into a convenient box of stereotypes.

I understand that if you want to function in society, you need to keep track of things. Sometimes I feel like I do not even need to have a name. If I have a group of people that really know me, they don't need to call me anything. I suppose I like not to be bound by stuff that other people bring on you.

There is no day, there is no night. I am trying not to bind myself to the arbitrary calculations of cycles and sequences which are ultimately imaginary. It is easier for me to say that a day doesn't end when the moon is out, and the day doesn't begin when the sun rises. It is all a continuous flow. Not chopped up into pieces.

I do enjoy being alone and have a tendency toward a solitary or sheltered lifestyle.

I am indeed a walking contradiction.

On Death‍

Not fully convinced by the idea of death. How selfish of me!

One of my aims is to find a way to make us humans connect on a deeper level using technology. Sounds oxymoronic, right? Being together in a state of a continuous flow of essences juggling and understanding one another just by learning how to leverage compressed communication?

‍Karmic Guidelines‍

I have what you might call karmic guidelines and I tend to sometimes believe in this type of framework as I find it helpful for me rebounding from challenges in life and for making moral decisions.

I tend to believe that what goes around comes around. If you do good things, good things will come to you. If you do bad things, bad things will return to you. I tend to oversimplify this. It should not be a rule. It is not.

Those are hard to empirically prove, as someone who spent so much time in the world of science. And science is really a regimented way of testing your own assumptions. It's not sterile. It's a way of thinking that I find very helpful for avoiding confusion and delusion.

So having spent so much time in that evidence-based world and manner and investigation and thinking, I try not to accumulate that many beliefs that I can't show evidence for.

Karma is about patterns of behavior that repeat. Repeating patterns of behavior are real, just as that the same kind of people are drawn to each other. Violent people find themselves together, where often they prey upon one another. That many become victims is said to be karma.

The world needs not to be random. The world does not care what I want.



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